Reddit Robot


The IRC bot is a good starter project that exposes one to many programming challenges, including networking, protocols, text parsing, and whatever else you want to add to it.

Possible functionality:Edit

  • logging and search functionality - will need to be hosted somewhere. perhaps beyond the scope of the initial project?
  • /pow (ProjectOfWeek) - Bot responds with the title and link (prob here) to the current project of the week.
  • /reddit - gives you a nice clickable link to get to the sub/r/
  • /wiki - link to this here wiki
  • /faq - link to the reddit faq page


Contributors are listed here. This list is used to give out tasks and to know who is participating in the project.

  • freakazo

  • indivisible [ Java, Python, C/C++, HTML and other webby bits ] - experienced to advanced proficiency
  • Krayons [ Python, C++, C, Java ]
  • LiquidHelium [ Python, lua, clojure, C++, C# ]
  • Scko [ Java, C++, HTML/JavaScript - minor proficiency]

[The list is ordered alphabetically]


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