How does Progether work?Edit

Progether is a subreddit focussed around group learning. The idea is that learning with a bunch of other like-minded individuals will help pool ideas and consolidate knowledge so you learn more quickly.

We've been discussing on IRC how to do it, and here's what we've come up with. This is not final, but we think it's a fairly solid idea.

  1. On Reddit we're going to be deciding on a final subreddit project. It'll be a major project to work towards, hopefully fairly advanced and multidisciplinary.
  2. We'll be splitting up into small learning teams. Each team will preferably have a relatively advanced user, or someone who at least knows what they're doing.
  3. The teams will set mini-projects to learn concepts. How they decide on the mini-projects and how long they have to do them is up to the team.
  4. As a team, they will compile resources as they complete the mini projects. The teams will write their own wiki page for each mini-project, preferably in a tutorial-esque format, and put up all their finished programs and participants. This allows them to consolidate their knowlede and to help future readers learn!
  5. The final subreddit project will be hosted on GitHub and users can contribute individually when they feel they know enough. Let's make something great!

Note that the groups do not necessarily work on a single program. They decide on group tasks and everyone tries to complete it individually. The group is there to discuss ideas and collected resources to complete the task.

Other things:

  • Weekly or monthly subreddit challenges? The whole subreddit tries to complete a task, regardless of the language.
  • Teams will probably be formed by posting in the progether subreddit asking to join or form a team.

Pages in the wikiaEdit

Learning Resources - To help beginners with where to start learning to program.

JAdventure - The current project, a text-based rpg coded in Java.